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brainstorming cover concept ideas to create a beautiful unique visual to mask the book. We aim to draw in readers with our eye for design. If you would like, send us over some ideas you might have involving the theme and nature of your bookcover. (3 to 4 concepts will be created).
Once we have established the cover itself - we will work with typesetting, professionally designing the interior to company standards, bringing out your words to captivate the audience. This part of the process involves layout, headers/footers, page numbering, font selection, and editing. Let us know your thoughts on the interior as well.
After both the cover and interior has been completed, and approved to your satisfaction, we will then move forward with distribution, and getting your tile setup through all online major bookstores (BAM, Barnes&Noble, Amazon, etc.) This global distribution will allow royalties for each book to be disbursed around 90-100 days after the initial release, and then every month following. These royalties will be sent to you via PayPal along with an invoice for said amount of books sold.
With this, we also provide our bookstore found at This store is our mission to give back more to the artists in terms of sales, beating the system of the publishing market. Rad's mission is to support artists and their work. We are growing still, but it is our drive to be a house that give the author what they deserve per sale. 
Marketing design is also included. This pertains to the creation of book advertising to help promote your title, so to focus on readership, and to draw book sales. Book Design (Cover + interior + Editing + Unlimited revisions + distribution)